For those times you want to find something online with the hassle of having to open your browser, heading to Google and then searching, try the ‘Web Source Lens‘ for Ubuntu 11.04 Unity.

The Lens, created by cscarney, looks and works like every other: A text entry field sits atop where you enter your search term and results are shown underneath this.

But rather than simply list the top 6 pages from Google in the lens it lists ‘sources’ instead of ‘pages’. This is visually much neater to look at and understand.

For example, searching via the Web Search Lens for the band ‘New Found Glory’ returns links to the bands ‘Myspace’, ‘Wikipedia’ entry, page, etc.

Results are returned as clickable ’tiles’. The ’tiles’ use the relevant site favicon where possible. Links to YouTube and Wikipedia entries are also provided and are easily identifiable.


The Lens requires you to be running Ubuntu 11.04 and the Unity desktop. To install, add ‘ppa:cscarney/unity-web-place‘ to your Software Sources.

One added, search for and install ‘Web Search’ from the Ubuntu Software Centre or hit the button below.

To access the new Lens from your Unity Launcher you will need to log out and back in.

Download lenses natty Unity websearch