Some of the most useful applications are often created to satisfy a personal need, such as this ‘Tea Time’ application createdspecificallyfor Ubuntu Unity byrojtberg.

With Unity lacking support for ‘traditional gnome applets’,rojtberg had to find a different solution to setting mini alarm for his everyday needs.

Although he found various time-orientated Indicator Appletsavailable, Rojtberg felt the panel wasn’t the deal place for them, telling us: –

“The top-right of my screen is pretty cramped again already and one really does not need to see the timer information all the time.”

So he created ‘Tea Time’ for Unity.

tea timer applet for Ubuntu unity

Once installed and launchedTea Time presents you with a simple window in which to add ‘timers’.

You can add a name and set a time then hit the ‘Start Timer’ button to start it. This action will minimise the application to the Unity launcher, where a ‘progress bar’ of the time left/taken is displayed.

It’s neat, nifty and a must have.Tea Time is a free download, and works with Ubuntu 11.04 Unity.



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