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Timekpr — Easy To Use Parental Control App for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Parental time control app Timekpr has been revived and provides parents with an easy way to limit their kids' computer time.

4 May 2014
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Remind Yourself of Anything: Nifty Timer Applet for Unity

Kettle's on! Pizza's in the oven! Only 23 minutes until a new episode of Inspector Spacetime - all are situations where keeping an eye on the time is important. Now hopefully you're not like me (i.e. useless at doing so) but, should you be, then TeaTime is a neat Unity-launcher based alarm applet that works wonders.

28 October 2011
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Small ‘Timer’ Applet for Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher

Some of the most useful applications are often borne out of a personal need. Such as this 'Tea Time' application created specifically for Ubuntu Unity by rojtberg. With Unity lacking support for 'traditional gnome applets', rojtberg had to find a different application. There are 'indicator timers' available - such as this one - but this wasn't ideal for him.

13 May 2011
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Tomighty: Pomodoro technique timer for Linux

"Getting things done" is, of late, a phrase alien to my work ethic. Rooting around for ways to help my concentrate I remember the 'Pomodoro Technique' - a time-management method that is, supposedly, meant to help. And thankfully there's an app for it.

15 April 2011