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edge surf game with tux penguin

Microsoft Edge Has a Secret Linux Easter Egg

Did you know that Microsoft Edge for Linux has a hidden easter egg featuring Tux, the Linux mascot? I certainly until didn’t until today — but it does! You probably know about Google Chrome’s dino […]

25 November 2021

This Week Twitter Taught Me: Preferences, Pop OS, and Raspberry Pi Penguins

The first in a series of post where I share interesting Linux-y anecdotes, trivia, and tweets from the past week on Twitter, the microblogging platform.

26 April 2019
tux loading screen

Does Ubuntu Need More Tux? This App Thinks So…

The Tux4Ubuntu project brings a touch of Tux to the Ubuntu desktop, with Linux mascot themes for GRUB, Plymouth, the Unity login screen, plus wallpapers and more.

30 December 2016

Meet ‘The Other Linux Logo’, A Modern Take on Tux

When you look at Tux, the Linux mascot, what do you see? Do you see a penguin? Do you see a project? Or do you see something that’s dated and in need of a revamp? […]

17 October 2016
Placeholder koala image

Witty New Logo Proposed for Linux 3.1

To mark the upcoming release of the Linux 3.1 kernel IBM's Darrick Wong has proposed changing the Linux logo to something more befitting of the version number...

11 September 2011
tux in fruity loops commercial

Watch Linux Mascot Tux Pop Up In a TV Cereal Commercial [Video]

Reader Dexter S. was watching TV when a commercial for 'Fruit Loops' cereal flashed up on his screen with a rather familiar face in tow...

29 May 2011