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omg! ubuntu in the wild

Ubuntu Spotted in ‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’

If you plan on renting a copy of Maze Runner: The Death Cure when it hits home media later this month, you may spot something familiar that’ll have you spitting your popcorn out. An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted […]

15 April 2018

Ubuntu Shows Up in TV News Report on Robotics

If you’re a Brit of a certain age then you’ll associate ‘Newsround‘ with a warm, post-teatime feeling of childish abandon. Take a moment to wipe an imaginary spaghetti hoop off of your chin before you move […]

13 March 2014
jane silber on cnbc

Canonical CEO Jane Silber Discusses Ubuntu Edge Campaign on CNBC (Video)

Canonical CEO Jane Silber appeared on American news-station CNBC to discuss the crowd-funding campaign for Ubuntu Edge.

25 July 2013
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Ubuntu Used to Make Props for ‘The Hobbit’ [Video]

As avid couch-potatoes, channel-surfers and TV junkies will know: Ubuntu is no stranger to the small screen. We like to track its appearances here on OMG! via our 'ubuntu on tv' tag. But there was one relatively recent appearance that passed us by until reader Sebastián Gómez dropped a link off in out inbox...

4 November 2012
doodle unity

Blink and You’ll Miss It: Ubuntu Unity Shows Up in BBC News Report

Ubuntu got a brief airing on BBC News yesterday as part of a feature on popular 'sketch blogger' Angie Stevens, better known to most as 'Doodlemum'. Angie, like many people, keeps a diary to capture 'moments' of her family life that might otherwise be forgotten. And to help her share that diary with the world she uses Ubuntu.

30 June 2012
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Linux, Ubuntu Discussed on Greek TV [Video]

Ubuntu and free-software was the topic of discussion on Greek TV channel 'Sunny' earlier this morning. Nick Kakouros from Greek technology site appeared to talk about open-source software, Linux, Ubuntu and the 'global scale' of free software within the context of the economy, government, etc.

11 May 2012
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Portuguese Store Worten Reveal Promo Ad for New Ubuntu Netbook

A video advert for Ubuntu has been added to the YouTube channel of Portugal's most well known electronics retailer Worten. Click on inside to view the advert and learn more about the device it promotes...

28 November 2011
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Ubuntu 11.04 Gets Positive Review On Indian News Station CNN-IBN

Ubuntu bagged itself some mainstream media exposure this weekend when it was reviewed on Indian news channel 'CNN-IBN'. Review (in english) can be found by clicking on in...

26 September 2011
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Samsung Remove Ubuntu Logo From Galaxy Ad [Updated with video]

Seeing the Ubuntu logo sailing alongside hundreds of Android App icons in a TV spot for Samsung's Galaxy S II was a strange, but not unwarranted, sight to begin with. But Uncle Sammy appear to have had a change of heart; a 'new' version of the same advert is running in India with one small difference: no more Ubuntu logo.

8 August 2011
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Disney to Produce Penguin Film… Called ‘Tux’. are reporting that Disney have hired Night At The Museum writer Robert Ben Garant to pen an animated feature about a talking Penguin called, you guessed it, 'Tux'.

5 August 2011
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The Girl Who Didn’t Want Ubuntu [Video]

Alligators in sewers, lucky escapes from hook-handed serial killers and the unpalatable notion that we all eat 8 spiders a year whilst snoozing: all are Urban myths. Until recently I assumed that the well-known story of a girl from Wisconsin USA, whose inadvertent purchase of a Dell laptop running Ubuntu saw her dropping out of her online college classes, was like all of the example above, a load of hot-air. Turns out it actually happened.

5 August 2011
Ubuntu logo in Samsung Galaxy s II advert

Ubuntu Logo Appears in Samsung Galaxy S II Ad

The Ubuntu logo can be clearly seen on screen in the latest promotional spot for Samsung's Galaxy S II Android phone.

3 July 2011