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Chrome’s tabs integrated into Ubuntu’s panel? Yes, please!

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Cyrill sent us through a little mockup of what Ubuntu would look like with tabs inside the panel. He says "On my netbook's 10 inch screen, every single pixel is important. And as there is barely no global menu for Chromium (this changed apparently in Natty), i was wondering how it would look if tabs were using that free space."

28 April 2011
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Wingpanel – elementary’s slick new space-saving panel project

Wingpanel is a new 'space-saving top panel' created by, you've guessed it, the elementary team.

19 December 2010
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Make the GNOME panel font bold, italic, bigger, smaller etc

Get your GNOME panel font to match the style of your window borders with this quick tip.

18 November 2010