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Jolicloud Desktop, OS To Be Discontinued In December

Updates to the Jolicloud OS, based on Ubuntu 10.04, and the Jolicloud desktop environment, available for Ubuntu 12.04 and up through a PPA, will be discontinued in December of this year.

21 November 2013

Jolicloud Desktop for Ubuntu Receives Minor Updates

Jolicloud Desktop Environment for Ubuntu has been updated with some modest changes - including improved theming, non-free codecs and more.

19 July 2013

Jolicloud Desktop Comes to Ubuntu – And Here’s How to Install It

The 'Jolicloud Desktop Environment' puts a HTML5 launcher with shortcuts to popular websites and services front and center, in place of the traditional desktop.

17 April 2013

Cloud Service Dashboard Jolidrive Adds Support for Ubuntu One

Jolidrive, a dashboard for managing various online accounts including Dropbox and Google Drive, has added support for Ubuntu One.

26 March 2013
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Jolibook goes on sale in the UK for £279

The Jolibook netbook from Jolicloud is available to purchase in the UK via Amazon and manufactuer Vye's own online shop.

21 November 2010
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Jolibook to cost £279?

NetbookNews are reporting that the 'Jolibook - Linux distro Jolicloud's very own slice of hardware - will eek out for sale at a crazy low £279.

18 November 2010
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Jolicloud’s netbook launching in UK this Friday

Jolicloud’s very own netbook is rumoured to be going on sale this coming Friday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

17 November 2010
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Jolibook – Jolicloud’s very own netbook

Jolicloud's Jolibook to be released next month may just count as the first true Linux netbook and here's why.

11 November 2010
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Sneak peek at Jolicloud 1.1’s slick new launcher

What do Bing,, Facebook and the forthcoming Jolicloud 1.1 have in common?

21 October 2010
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Jolicloud 1.1 gets detailed

The Ubuntu-based Jolicloud operating system will be sporting some fine updates ‘under the hood in its forthcoming 1.1 release. As is the case with iterative OS updates Jolicloud 1.1, which now uses base packages from […]

20 October 2010
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Jolicloud netbook OS adds touch screen support

Netbook-centric operating system Jolicloud will be adding support for various touchscreen displays ‘out of the box’ in its next release. Jolicloud, which is based on Ubuntu, have released a video demonstrating well touch support in […]

15 June 2010