OMG! reader Chris got in touch with a tutorial  he hope will help other Ubuntu users struggling with connecting to their Apple Time Capsule from within Ubuntu.

“Hey OMG! Ubuntu!, I know that a lot of new Ubuntu users are people migrating from Apple or who use their products so I thought it would be helpful for you guys to have a piece on connecting to a Time Capsule disk from within Ubuntu.”

“It took me a long time to find this out and the solution is simple, but buried deep in Forums and Wiki’s. “


32bit Ubuntu:

  • Download the .deb from here
  • Install by double clicking the .deb package.
  • On the Mac used to setup the Time Capsule, go to Airport Utility to find the IP of the Time Capsule
  • Back in Ubuntu open up a Terminal and type:
    • mkdir ~/capsule
  • Followed by: –
    • mount_afp afp://user:password@server_host_or_ip/Data ~/capsule
  • Filling in the user name you use to connect along with the password and the IP address you located earlier.
  • To unmount the drive use: –
    • afp_client unmount ~/capsule

64bit Ubuntu:

  • Download the source code from here
  • Make sure you have build-essential installed
  • In a new Terminal session enter: –
    • sudo apt-get install libgcrypt11 libgcrypt11-dev libgmp3c2 libgmp3-dev readline-common libreadline6 libreadline6-dev libfuse2 libfuse-dev” and let it install
  • In a terminal type the following commands one after another:
    • tar -xzf afpfs-ng*
      cd afpfs-ng*
      ./configure –prefix=/usr
      sudo make install
  • Now follow the 32bit instructions, skipping the need to install the .deb
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