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Slimbook Tease New Linux Laptop in Apple-Bashing Video

Linux laptop maker Slimbook is promoting an upcoming hardware launch with a bizarre YouTube video in which a penguin bashes apple — quite literally!

19 November 2019
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You can now use Apple Music on Linux without any hacks

Apple Music is now available through a web browser, which means I'm pleased/obligated to report that you can now use the service on Linux!

6 September 2019
the new apple macbook doesn't let linux boot

Don’t Panic, You Can Boot Linux on Apple’s New Devices

Does Apple stop Linux from booting on its newly refreshed Mac Mini PC or MacBookAir laptops?  That’s the claim currently circling the web‘s collective drain. The posit is that the new T2 ‘secure enclave’ chip Apple has baked […]

5 November 2018

Google is Working on Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Linux Support

Google engineers are working to add Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Linux support to the mainline Linux Kernel. Although it’s been 3 years since Apple announced the Magic Trackpad 2 Linux users have needed to rely […]

30 September 2018

Does the Ubuntu Web Browser Need a New Icon?

Ubuntu community member thinks the Ubuntu browser app icon is too similar to Apple's Safari. Should it be changed?

8 June 2016

Why Siri in iOS 9 Validates the Design of Ubuntu Phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Apple's introduction of Siri Suggestions is more than flattering — it's a sign Canonical is ahead of the curve.

9 June 2015

Is iOS 8 Spotlight Search Similar to the Ubuntu Dash?

If you've played with iOS 8 you might have spotted a new feature in Spotlight that is very similar to a key part of the Ubuntu desktop.

25 September 2014

3 Features of OS X Mavericks Linux Already Offers

Ahead of the release of Mavericks, we highlight three features that may be new to OS X users, but are pretty old-hat to those who use Linux.

22 October 2013
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What Does Ubuntu Look Like on a Retina Display? Like This.

Credit to Apple for raising the hardware game with the introduction of retina display in their "all new Macbook Pro" (aka the 'Macbook Pro Pro').. But such a high pixel density display creates a problem for an OS like Ubuntu which hasn't, as yet, added support for super-sharp "retina" screens.

13 June 2012
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Apple Tried to Hire Linus Torvalds, Kill Linux

Could you imagine a world without Linux? Such a thought could have been stark reality had Apple managed to successfully recruit Linus Torvalds back in 2000.

21 March 2012

3 Features New to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion That Ubuntu Already Has

Apple today lifted the lid on the next iteration of their OS X operating system - OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Exciting news in itself for Mac fans, but the reveal introduces a number of new features to the OS X desktop that Ubuntu users have enjoyed for a little while...

16 February 2012

[How to] Dual Boot Mac OS X and Ubuntu

Dual-booting on a PC is easy: you stick in your disk and the installer takes care of everything else. But just how does one dual-boot Ubuntu on a Mac? There are various guides and how-to's on the internet, but I thought I would share the method I use here on OMG!

8 October 2011