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How to Schedule File Backups to Google Drive on Ubuntu

The Deja Dup backup tool is preinstalled on the Ubuntu desktop by default — but like many, I don’t use it. Or rather I didn’t, not until this week when I learned that Deja Dup can […]

30 July 2018
The Cinnamon Desktop Environment in Linux Mint

Linux Mint 18.3 Will Feature More HiDPI Improvements

Linux Mint 18.3 will enable HiDPI support in the Cinnamon 3.6 desktop by default, saving users the need to manually enable double scaling through settings.

18 September 2017
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Linux Mint Backup Tool to Get Big Improvements

An improved backup tool will debut in Linux Mint 18.3. The updated utility will be easier to use, feature performance improvements, and more.

5 September 2017
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Deja Dup backup tool becomes default app in Ubuntu 11.10

Desktop backup tool Deja Dup has been proposed for inclusion in Ubuntu for the third time.

9 May 2011
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How to connect to your Apple Time Capsule in Ubuntu

OMG! reader Chris got in touch with a tutorial he hope will help other Ubuntu users struggling with connecting to their Apple Time Capsule from within Ubuntu.

1 November 2010
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TurnKey Linux Backup and Migration

Looking for the ultimate solution in backup and data migration for Linux? TurnKey is it.

9 September 2010
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New Ubuntu Tweak Beta adds ‘desktop recovery’ feature

Where would we be without Ubuntu Tweak? Arguably one of the most popular applications for end-users it just keeps on giving. A new backup feature will be showing up in the next stable release and […]

23 August 2010
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Flyback – Time Machine style backup for Ubuntu

Flyback is an Apple ‘Time Machine’ style backup solution for Ubuntu. The developers state that “..Linux has almost all of the required technology already built in to recreate it.” As such Flyback doesn’t require pallets […]

25 April 2010