If you’re using a recent-ish version of Google Chrome or Chromium then you have support for ‘web apps’. These are, essentially, ‘pinned’ webpages sans toolbars, but can also be all sorts of custom applications that perform different functions. If you can’t see web apps when you install them, grab the latest Chromium version by adding the Chromium Daily PPA.


Osho Quick Launcher web app

Thanks to the hard work of Nicolas Leperlier, we now have an Ohso Quick-Launcher type Chrome App that gives you instant access to:

… and their respective Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages too!

Currently it looks like so:


Installation is easy.

  1. Download the .zip from here
  2. Extract it somewhere
  3. Drag the .crx file into Chrom/ium and install

I’m sure Nicolas would appreciate feedback to continue developing the launcher, so if you’ve got some nifty ideas to improve this web app – let us know in the comments!

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