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The Voyager Linux Distro Offers an Interesting Spin on Xfce

The Voyager Linux distribution wants to take users on a journey to an "aesthetic and immersive" Linux environment — but does it succeed?

11 November 2019
best app launchers for linux

Essential Guide: 5 Best App Launchers for Ubuntu & Linux Mint

Ubuntu’s default app launcher is the GNOME Shell Applications Overview but this full-screen grid of icons doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes. We share our favourite Linux app launchers, all of which work on Ubuntu & Linux […]

16 August 2019
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Meet Alawalk – possibly the lightest launcher ever!

Popular launcher applications Do and Kupfer may have some competition – say hello to the incredibly lightweight Alawalk. Alawalk, the brainchild of a developer named ‘hunterm‘, is a new launcher application made completely in plain bash. […]

7 August 2010
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How to change the active tab colour in Kupfer

Do you use Do alternative Kupfer? Fellow writer Tyler James waxed lyrical about it a few weeks back (see here for his review and how to install it.) If you do use it then the […]

26 May 2010
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Need a Gnome-Do alternative? Try Kupfer

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of Gnome-Do around these parts. However, there’s a new little app that, in some ways, might just be drinking Do’s milkshake. Its Kupfer, and no, I […]

14 May 2010