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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid desktop

Desktop Support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS & 11.10 Officially Ends

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - released back in April 2010 - and Ubuntu 11.10 - made available in October of 2011 - will no longer receive bug fixes, updated packages or critical security updates after today, May 9th 2013.

9 May 2013

[How To] Watch LOVEFiLM, Redbox Instant or Netflix on Ubuntu

Getting Netflix, LOVEFiLM or Redbox Instant to play on Ubuntu should be easy, right?

29 January 2013

Ubuntu 10.04 – 12.04 Upgrade – How Well Does it Go?

In the two-short years between Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 an entire groundswell has occurred on the Ubuntu desktop, and in the wider development landscape in general. So just well does a direct upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 12.04 go?

26 April 2012
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Typing Game ‘OMG! Words!’ Updated for Ubuntu 11.10 & 12.04

Our OMG! Ubuntu! themed typing game OMG! Words! has been updated with support for Ubuntu 11.10 and, ahead of its release this April, Ubuntu 12.04. Other than that there is nothing new: it still offers the same increasingly-frustrating game-play, cool soundtrack, and handful of annoying twists to make it a bit more challenging. Download instructions and more information tucked up inside.

14 March 2012
Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid desktop

Ubuntu 10.04.4 Released

The fourth and final maintenance release of Ubuntu 10.04 is now available to download.

16 February 2012
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We Review Open-Source RTS Game 0 A.D.

0.A.D is a completely open-source RTS available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The game, which is in heavy development, currently sits at the Alpha 8 junction. Undeterred by the development nature I took the title for a spin...

29 January 2012
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Latest Firefox Releases Coming to Ubuntu 10.04

From February 17th Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 users will be automatically upgraded to the latest release of Firefox. The move comes as a result of Ubuntu’s decision to follow Mozilla’s ‘rapid release’ cycle for Firefox. […]

11 January 2012
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The Ubuntu Vodafone WebBook “Disappoints” Reviewer

The Ubuntu-powered Vodafone WebBook has been out in South Africa for a few months but little opinion on the device has appeared online. Or so I thought. Having exhausted my own avenues trying to get hold […]

30 December 2011
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Ubuntu-integrated Cloud Music Player ‘Nuvola’ Sees New Release, Adds Lucid Support

A new stable release of 'Nuvola' music player - formerly known as Google Music Frame - is now available for download. Nuvola 1.0 adds a number of additional features and improvements to the desktop-integrated player, including support for Grooveshark, 8Track and Hypemachine.

24 December 2011
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Java To Be Removed from Ubuntu, Uninstalled from User Machines

Oracle's Sun Java JDK packages are to be removed from the Ubuntu partner repositories and disabled on users systems. Oracle, in retiring the 'Operating System Distributor License for Java', means Canonical no longer have permission to distribute the package. The change will affect Ubuntu 10.04 LTs, Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 users only.

18 December 2011

Nuvola Music Player Hits Beta, Adds Grooveshark, Hype Machine Support + More

A new beta release of Linux music player Nuvola, with Grooveshark and Hypermachine integration, is available for testing.

12 December 2011
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New Release of Twitter App Turpial Now Available for Ubuntu Users

The latest stable release of Linux Twitter client Turpial is now available to install in Ubuntu. The python application, which also supports the service, has been updated with a small, but welcome, set of new features and improvements. Read on for what's new in the app, and how to get install it in Ubuntu 10.04 through 12.04.

5 December 2011