Some updates to the default Humanity icon theme just landed in Lucid including some shiny new icons for Rhythmbox, the MeMenu/status, battery and trash bin, amongst others.

I almost feel like saying “Spoilers below”.

Do ignore the sound icon in these screenshots. I’ve word that they’re NOT the final one but just a ‘place-holder’ for now…

The Rhythmbox icon changes depending on playing

The weather icons are now (finally) monochrome to match the rest of the Humanity “panel” icons.

The nautilus transfer icon that appears on the panel has also been mono-chromed. The “old” version looked extremely large on the panel not to mention out of place. This smaller icon looks lush and coherent with the rest of the icons.

Evolution also benefits from this icon refresh, gaining its own humanity-esque icons for various sections where previously icons were missing.

(click to view larger)

UbuntuOne hasn’t been left out either and now sports two brand new icons: –

You can see the trash and ‘charging’ icon in OMG! contributor omer26er‘s screenshot (click to view larger): –

Thanks to omer26er

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