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Lucid gets improved folder icons

A set of improved folder icons landed in Ubuntu 10.04 earlier today. The icons sport darker orange gradients than the version they replace. This orange is much more in keeping with the “new” orange of […]

9 April 2010
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Lucid Gets New Icons For Rhythmbox, UbuntuOne, MeMenu, More

Some updates to the default Humanity icon theme just landed in Lucid including some shiny new icons for Rhythmbox, the MeMenu/status, battery and trash bin, amongst others. I almost feel like saying “Spoilers below”. Do […]

16 February 2010
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Humanity Icons for Cpufreq

CPUFREQ applet allows you to control your CPU speed directly from the gnome-panel. It sadly comes with some of the most awful looking icons ever created! If you’re using Karmic (or the humanity theme in […]

4 October 2009
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New Theme, Icons, Log Out Screen Chosen For Karmic Koala, New Login Window Due Soon!

Today saw the final artwork drop for the Karmic Koala – and what an update it’s been! What’s new? Take a look below! Updated Human-theme The default theme for Ubuntu has changed! Finally! Gone are […]

24 September 2009