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Is Last.FM’s New Linux App A Hit? recently released a new version of their scrobbling app -- including a native version for linux. But is it better than their sub-par offerings of the past?

6 February 2013
Beatbox quicklist

Beatbox Music Player Adds New Artist Overview, Unity Quicklist

Beatbox music player has improved the way additional artists/track data is displayed. Detailed artist information, discography and pictures, as well as lyrics for the currently playing track, can be revealed by clicking the new 'information' button added to the toolbar.

8 June 2012
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How to Enable Last.FM Scrobbling in Google Music Frame

As an avid user of both Google Music and Last.FM, enabling scrobbling in Google Music Frame - the integrated desktop web app for Google Music - was a must do. Annoyingly the instructions on the Google Music Frame website refused to work for me on any of my devices, but with a quick poke around I found a solution.

7 October 2011
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Easily export you scrobbles to

If you've longed to make the leap from to its’ open-source ‘rival’ but the thought of losing your thousands of scrobbles put you off then do read on...

21 September 2010
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GTK+ app ‘Chipmunk’ updates with volume slider & mini mode

Remember that ever-so-adorable GTK player we showed you several weeks back? It’s just updated, adding a new mini-mode, a volume slider and an improved installation script which cleans up after itself – which is […]

30 August 2010
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Chipmunk – Sweet little GTK Last.FM Player lovers addicted to music streaming service should cancel their therapy and check out the following shiny new application named ‘Chipmunk’. Created by Arch Linux user Andy Kluger, who has a self-confessed dependency on, the […]

12 August 2010
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Scrobble to via rhythmbox

Scrobble Rhythmbox plays to your Libre.Fm account using the ScrobbleFree Rhythmbox plug-in. Libre.Fm is a free and open-source replacement for founded in 2009, and still under development, the service was forged on the principle […]

5 July 2010

Scrobble using the official Last.FM client with Rhythmbox

Although Rhythmbox comes with a plug-in to scrobble your plays to the service itself it does lacks some of the features that the dedicated player (available for Linux) provides. Although the official […]

30 April 2010
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How To Scrobble Plays From Creative Zen, Sony Ericsson, MTP devices To LastFM

Predicament: You want to be able to scrobble plays from your Creative Zen, Sony Ericsson phone or other MTP media device to LastFM in Ubuntu but you don’t know how. Well thanks to the i […]

28 January 2010
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Auto-Queue Similar Tracks In Rhythmbox Using Last.FM

I posted earlier about Banshee’s magical playlist generator that queues songs in your library based on them sounding similar. Rhythmbox users can get something similar by making use of Last.FM reccomendations via the Dynamic Tracks […]

29 December 2009
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Use Your LastFm Data as a Cool Desktop Wallpaper

WallpaperFM converts your Last.Fm data into a really cool – and highly customizable – wallpaper. Way too cool not to make part of my Quirky Wallpaper Series and share with the rest of you Ubuntu […]

11 October 2009