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Dino is a Dreamy New XMPP Client for Linux Desktops

Dino is an open source XMPP client for Linux desktops. Written in GTK/Vala, Dino also supports end-to-end encryption, file sending, and message searching.

30 January 2020
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Pidgin 2.12 Released, Drops Yahoo, Facebook Messaging Support

Pidgin 2.12 has been released, and removes several messaging protocols that are no longer being maintained, including Yahoo! and Facebook.

13 March 2017

Pidgin Unity Integration Returns in Ubuntu 14.10

Pidgin users will find an extra special treat waiting for them in next month's release of Ubuntu 14.10: Unity integration is back.

8 September 2014
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Microsoft Announce Windows Live Messenger XMPP Access

Microsoft has announced public access to the Windows Live Messenger network via the open-standard XMPP protocol - a move that should see improved features and performance for Linux users accessing the service via Pidgin, Empathy and other open-source clients.

15 December 2011
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Plugin to display unread message count for Pidgin on Unity Launcher

Launchpad user jf has patched up Pidgin to take advantage of the unread message badge on Unity's Launcher.

19 April 2011
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Fix the Pidgin SSL error for good in Ubuntu

Still plagued by the Pidgin MSN error? Fix it for good by upgrading to the latest version of Pidgin.

30 November 2010
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Fix the Pidgin ‘SSL Error’ in Ubuntu

So Microsoft threw some switch or other today that has resulted in many Pidgin users who try to connect to the MSN network being greeted with the following pop-up: – Now i’m not a Pidgin […]

18 November 2010
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Instant Bird – ‘Firefox meets Pidgin’ Hybrid chat Client

Why do you get when you cross Firefox and Pidgin? InstantBird.   No, That wasn’t a joke without a punchline but an introduction to one of the more interesting applications I’ve tried in a while […]

1 July 2010
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Elementary Pidgin theme updated

Elementary is arguably one of the most popular 3rd party themes available so it can be rather annoying when using an application that don’t follow or fit in with the rest of your desktop theme. […]

1 June 2010
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Facebook Chat in Pidgin & Empathy With No Plugins!

Facebook made their ‘Facebook chat’ protocol all awesome and nice today by adding support for the Jabber/XMPP protocol. This means you can have facebook chat in Pidgin, Empathy, etc without the need for buggy third-party […]

10 February 2010
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Pidgin Preferences Menu Gets A Netbook-happy Makeover

Pidgin’s preferences menu will be getting a overhaul in time for it’s next major release. Keen to solve the current “bug reports” regarding Pidgin’s preferences window not fitting on a netbook sized screen, a plucky […]

17 November 2009
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Facebook Chat Plugin For Pidgin – Working Version

The facebook-chat plugin for Pidgin available in Ubuntu’s repositories is out-of-date and doesn’t work with recent versions of Pidgin spitting out “wrong-credentials” pop-ups and the like. Instead you’ll want to use the most recent version […]

11 November 2009