cumulus Qt weather app on Ubuntu

Cumulus Qt is a lightweight weather app for Linux desktops powered by Yahoo! Weather & Open Weather Map.

It conveys the current conditions for a given location, and offers a 5-day forecast complete with temperature highs and lows, and anticipated conditions.

Although incredibly vibrant the overall aesthetic of Cumulus Qt is clean and minimal. Heavy use of symbolic weather icons and clear meteorological descriptions mean it’s easy to glean what the weather has planned without needing to click through menus or toggle options on/off.

Change in the weather

Now, chances are some of you out there are looking at this app and feeling a bit of deja vu — don’t panic; there is a reason for that.

Cumulus Qt is a Qt/Qml port of the Cumulus weather app, which was itself inspired by the defunct Stormcloud weather app.

But this is more than just a simple port; Cumulus Qt has more features than its Python-based sibling.

cumulus qt - responsive design
Responsive Design

For instance, you can set the background colour of the main window and the text colour to pretty much any colour you like thanks to an advanced (and rather Windows-y) colour picker in the options page.

Sadly it doesn’t have the automatic changing feature of the original Stormcloud. This would change the background colour based on the temperature, e.g., use bluer hues when it is cold and warmer tones when, well, warmer!

The Qt version does boasts a responsive design thoughAs you resize the window the weather data on show expands, hides, or juggles itself around to fit the available space.

Cumulus Qt Features

  • Shows current conditions and temperature
  • 5-day forecast
  • Built-in location search
  • Option to set temperature and wind speed units
  • Customisable background/font colours
  • Responsive design
  • Optional tray menu displaying current temperature
  • Yahoo! Weather & OpenWeatherMap backends

One “quirk”: it is possible to run multiple instances of Cumulus Qt, but this confuses the app, with changes made in one instance instantaneously being applied to other instance(s). It’s also not currently possible to resize the window beyond its default on GNOME desktops/under Mutter.

On the plus side Cumulus Qt is fairly lightweight. On my Ubuntu 17.04 it took under 30MiB of RAM when open — which isn’t too much of a hit in this age of Electron apps!

How to Install Cumulus Qt

Cumulus Qt on Ubuntu 17.04

Unlike the other Cumulus, which is made available to install from a PPA, Cumulus Qt is packaged and distribution very differently.

It has both an online installer (where it fetches files and dependencies from an online source) and an offline installer (all the files and dependeices are packed up with it).

This install wizard will guide you through the process of installing the app, and does so without needing root.

Being walked through a Windows-style install process on Linux is a little bemusing, but the uncanny valley effect aside it is efficient. The online installer is quick and does what it needs to, and relays as much information about what it is doing as possible.

Download either the online or offline installer below (64-bit only for now, sorry!). Grant the binary permission to run and then double-click to begin the set-up process.

Download Cumulus Qt for Linux (64-bit)

A maintenance tool is installed along with the main app itself. This utility is where you’ll find options to check for new updates to the app, reset the configuration, or uninstall it.

Thanks Daryl

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