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Wallpaper Slideshow App For Gnome 3 (Updated)

Dhananjay Sathe sent in news of an application he's been working on that will be of use to those running GNOME 3 - a wallpaper slideshow tool.

24 June 2011
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Script to set the ‘NASA wallpaper of the day’ as your wallpaper daily

Reader Christian S. sends word of an automated wallpaper script he's written that helps alleviate boring background blues (with some help from NASA).

27 February 2011

‘Wallpaper Gallery’ is a Shotwell friendly wallpaper changer for Ubuntu

Like wet Gremlins snacking after midnight, there are some categories of apps where the amount of choice available borders on crazy . Wallpaper changing applications are very much of this breed, so what makes 'Wallpaper Gallery' - a new 'timed wallpaper changer' app for Ubuntu - more Gizmo and less manic Mogwai?

16 February 2011
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Natty to include ‘3 non-photographic’ wallpapers [Updated]

Ubuntu 11.04 will include 'at least 3' non-photographic wallpapers, a move many designers within the community have been longing for.

13 January 2011
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Download every default Ubuntu and Fedora wallpaper in one pack

Grab every officially-shipped Ubuntu and Fedora wallpaper in one go.

3 January 2011
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Indicator-wallpaper changer anyone?

It seems there are more ways to change desktop wallpaper in Ubuntu than there are wallpapers. DesktopNova is another tray-based tool for switching between wallpapers but one which , thanks to Michael Otto, now has a shiny application indicator to control it with.

29 December 2010
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Five Dalek Desktop Wallpapers

We celebrate the most bad-ass evil being in the Whoniverse - The Daleks!

10 December 2010
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‘Ubuntu Invaders’ Wallpaper is Retro Win

This wallpaper is cool. You should download it.

23 November 2010
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Download the default ChromeOS wallpaper and view the default screensaver

Who wants a bit of ChromeOS default art to brighten their day? You? Click on in.

18 November 2010
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These two sumptuous 3D Ubuntu wallpapers are without rival

It's the start of a new week so why not give your drab desktop a dust-down? One of these utterly divine wallpapers created and sent to us by 'insospettato' should certainly do the trick.

24 October 2010
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Dual-screen version of Ubuntu 10.10’s default wallpaper

Dual screen users can now benefit from the beauty of Maverick's default wallpaper thanks to the following dedicated dual-screen version by Kyle Baker.

17 October 2010
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OMG’s Top 5 wallpapers from the Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper shortlist

The wallpapers shortlisted for Ubuntu 10.04 have been chosen and will soon be whittled down again to those included on the release of Ubuntu Lucid. Below are OMG!’s top five wallpapers from that selection and […]

29 March 2010