Dhananjay Sathe sent in news of an application he’s been working on that will be of use to GNOME 3 users.

The application is called ‘GNOME 3 Wallpaper Slideshow’ and lets users specify a folder of photos to be used as a slideshow, with the rate of change also configurable.

GNOME 3 Wallpaper Slideshow App

The application is not the most user-friendly solution to download and run (see below) but it more than makes up for it with its useful features: –

  • Choose the folder of images to use via a browser
  • Set the wallpaper timeout in seconds
  • Chose ‘depth’ of subdirectory
  • Enable or disable the slideshow with a single click
  • Full-feature tooltips


GNOME 3 WP can be cloned from the project GIT page @gitorious.org/gnome-3-wp/gnome-3-wp or downloaded as a .tar.gz fromgitorious.org/gnome-3-wp/gnome-3-wp/trees/master

To run the application just double-click on the ‘wp-show’ file inside the ‘gnome-3-wp’ folder.

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