Ubuntu 11.04 is to ship with ‘at least 3’ non-photographic wallpapers, a move many designers within the community have been longing for.

Announcing the move on the Canonical Blog, Iain Farrell says the move is to help makes Ubuntu feel ‘Bright, light and beautiful!’.


Users are once again able to submit entries – both photo and illustrated – via Flickr, this time using the tag ‘NattyWallpaper’.

Rendered or drawn wallpapers

Further information on formats, resolutions and other guidelines can be found @ wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Backgrounds.

Smart Move

With so many talented graphic artists using Ubuntu – plenty of whom have had their awesome work featured here on OMG! Ubuntu! – this move can but only bear fruit for Ubuntu.

I don’t pity the poor judges trying to pick just 3, though!

The deadline for all entries is 13th March 2011.

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