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Smarten Up Your Desktop With This Conky & Wallpaper Combo

The look of people's desktops are a lot like sandwiches. Some are plain and simple, others decorated with all manner of awesome-sauce. But both types can get stale if left alone for too long. If you feel that your own desktop could do with freshening up then the following Conky and wallpaper pairing might just prove to be a good starting point

3 April 2012
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Spare 10 Minutes? Help Translate & Test Wallpaper App ‘Wallch’

A new version of wallpaper changing application Wallch is due for release at the weekend - but the developers need your help in advance. With new features set to debut, the Wallch team need some eager Ubuntu 12.04 users to take the app for a spin, and report any bugs they find.

14 March 2012

“Four Seasons” Wallpaper Pack

If there is one thing that most people agree on about the wallpapers it's that no one likes looking at bad looking wallpaper. "Four Seasons" is a wallpaper pack I created inspired by the diversity of the four seasons of our planet. The pack includes wallpapers for each each season - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and a "Four Seasons" wallpaper which represents all of the seasons in a unified image.

18 January 2012

That Wallpaper? Here It Is

I've created a monster! Actually I created a pair of wallpapers. But since I began using them in screenshots and videos here on the site I've been inundated with requests from readers wanting to know where they can get hold of them. So here's how.

14 January 2012
Ubuntu TV Wallpaper

Download the Official Ubuntu TV Wallpaper

Mmm. Despite all today’s news about Ubuntu’s latest extension into our lives (Ubuntu TV if you haven’t been paying attention) part of me is still left… wanting more. And, as I can’t get Ubuntu TV […]

9 January 2012

Lubuntu Wish Users Happy New Year With New Default Wallpaper

The default wallpaper of Lubuntu 12.04, the next major release of the lightweight Ubuntu-based OS currently in development, has received a new year revamp. After upgrading the 'lubuntu artwork' package users will find their default desktop drape changed to cool blue wallpaper with the greeting 'the lubuntu team wishes you a happy new year 2012' sat amongst a cloud of Lubuntu developers names.

2 January 2012
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Easily Change The Ubuntu 11.10 Login Background With This Small App

Easily change your login background with Simple LightDM Manager. The default login background image matches the default Ubuntu wallpaper. Chances are you've changed the latter, so why not the former?

13 October 2011

GNOME 3’s Default Wallpaper – Ubuntu Style

Whether or not you’re a fan of GNOME 3’s default ‘stripy blue’ wallpaper there’s no denying that it is striking. If you plan on using GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 11.10 (it’s just a click away) […]

3 October 2011
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[How To] Change LightDM Background in Ubuntu 11.10

Early demonstrations of Ubuntu 11.10’s new ‘login manager’ LightDM showed it changing wallpaper background based on the account selected. This feature has yet to appear in the current implementation rocking out in the Ubuntu beta, […]

30 September 2011
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14 New Wallpapers Land in Ubuntu 11.10 [Download]

The community wallpapers chosen as part of Ubuntu 11.10 community wallpaper contest have 'landed' in Ubuntu 11.10.

30 September 2011
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44 Community Wallpapers Shortlisted for Ubuntu 11.10

More than 40 community wallpapers have been shortlisted for inclusion in Ubuntu 11.10. And here's where to download them.

30 August 2011
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The Ubuntu 11.10 Default Wallpaper

Is this the default wallpaper for Ubuntu 11.10? All signs point to it being so....

29 August 2011