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GNOME MPV Makes Its Final Release, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

Versatile video player GNOME MPV has issued its final release under its current name. Future versions of the multimedia app will go under the moniker of “Celluloid“, which was recently revealed as the new name […]

24 January 2019

SMPlayer Makes It Easy to Stream Videos from Your PC to Android Phone

The latest version of open source media player SMPlayer lets you stream video from your PC to Android phone or tablet — all with a single click! The handy feature means you can watch video on your […]

17 September 2018
movie monad video player

Movie Monad is a Simple Linux Video Player Built with Haskell

Movie Monad is a simple GTK video player for Linux. Admittedly you probably aren’t on the hunt for a new video player (what with there being plenty of players already available) but it never hurts […]

19 December 2017

Ubuntu 17.10: What’s New? [Video]

Ubuntu 17.10 features a big set of changes, including the GNOME Shell desktop by default. We spotlight this, plus other Ubuntu 17.10 changes, in this video.

19 October 2017
openshot thumbnail

OpenShot 2.4 Released, Focuses on Stability

A new version of OpenShot, the crash-happy open-source non-linear video editor, is available to download. While the previous couple of releases were big on features the latest release is a “stability-focused release”, says project lead Jonathan Thomas. A […]

7 September 2017
vidcutter 3.0

VidCutter 3.0 Released with New Features, MPV Backend

VidCutter, the open-source video trimmer app we mentioned back in January, is back with a new release — and it’s a big one. The cross-platform Qt5 app lets you quickly and easily trim, split and join video […]

5 March 2017

Get Amazon Prime, 4oD and Other DRM-Protected Flash Working in Ubuntu 13.10

Getting Amazon Prome, 4OD, Demand 5, or Google Play Movies to work on Ubuntu 13.10 requires a little bit of effort, but it can be done.

25 October 2013

How To Create A GIF from Video on Ubuntu With QGifer

If you use Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, Twitter… Okay, let me put it another way: if you use the internet then you’ll know that animated GIFs are a staple of social networks. As GIFs tend to […]

2 August 2013

Minimal GNOME Video Player ‘Snappy’ Hits 0.3, Improves Feature Set

Does Linux really need yet another video player? Probably not. But is it cool to have yet another anyway? For sure!

29 March 2013
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SlowMoVideo Creates Beautiful Slowed Down Videos in Linux

SlowMoVideo might just be my favourite video-manipulation tool available for Linux: the effects it can create from even the simplest of footage is wonderful. Read on for videos and more details.

28 August 2011

UMPlayer Media Player – One Of Open-Source’s Best kept Secrets

UMPlayer is one of open-sources best kept secrets. In this post we take a look at the media player, plus provide easy instructions on how to install it.

1 June 2011
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Linux Video editor KdenLive updates with rotoscoping, stop motion, light graffiti effects and more

With so many great new features present, Kdenlive 0.8 usurps the mantle as the most featured yet user-friendly video editor available for Linux.

27 April 2011