Screenshot of GNOME MPV on Linux Mint

Versatile video player GNOME MPV has issued its final release under its current name.

Future versions of the multimedia app will go under the moniker of “Celluloid“, which was recently revealed as the new name of GNOME MPV.

GNOME MPV is a nimble, lightweight video player built around the open source MPV media player software (which is based on based on MPlayer and mplayer2). It has a thoughtful set of options, a pleasant UI and nice GTK integration.

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GNOME MPV 0.16 changes include:

  • New application icon
  • Tidier ‘General’ tab in the preferences dialog
  • Improve behavior when toggling playlist under tiling window managers
  • App menu items moved to primary menu
  • Separate MPRIS DBus connections used for each window
  • Support for MPRIS property LoopStatus
  • Add option --mpv-options for setting mpv options from the command-line

You can find a fuller changelog on the GNOME MPV GitHub page.

How to Install GNOME MPV on Ubuntu

You can install GNOME MPV on Ubuntu direct from the archives but it won’t be the very latest release.

To get install the freshest version you’ll need to add a personal package archive (PPA) to your list of software sources.

In a new terminal window run the following command to add the GNOME MPV PPA on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xuzhen666/gnome-mpv

Once the repo has been added and your package list refreshed, install GNOME MPV on Ubuntu by running:

sudo apt install gnome-mpv

By the way, If you track the project over on Github you’ll need to redirect your bookmarks to point to new Celluloid repo, linked below.

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