Qt video editor Kdenlive saw a new release yesterday – one which stars a bona-fide A-list of new user-orientated features.

We’ve taken a pick of the new and notable and listed them below…

Light graffiti

A feature new to version 0.8 is the excitingly named ‘Light Graffiti’. This feature allows you to record yourself ‘painting with light’. All you need is a dark-ishenvironmentand a brightly-lit implement. Being one of those subjects that is much easier to ‘get’ when ‘seen’, here’s a video: –

Stop motion tool

Sure to be a hit with all amateur animators out there is Kdenlive’s new ‘Stop Motion’ utility.

Whilst the feature is currently confined in support, limited to capture via Black Magic Intensity HDMI cards, it does offer an excellent set of features many dedicated stop-motion applications already available for Linux lack.

It can display a live preview, provides an easy ‘capture’ button to grab an image and is also able to overlay the last captured frame ‘on the monitor to easily see the difference with current live feed’.

Other features

Notable new additions elsewhere include rotoscoping masks and ‘image perspective placement’ – both with vital feathering options; a new audio monitoring tool for spectrum analysis; and saveable widget layouts to make working with Kdenlive a tuneable experience.

Perspective image placement in Kdenlive 0.8
Perspective image placement in Kdenlive 0.8. (source: Kdenlive.org)

More features, along with news on bug fixes and other additions, can be read in the release notes for thisrelease@ kdenlive.org/discover/0.8


With so many great new features present in Kdenlive 0.8, the app certainly usurps the mantle as the most featured yet user-friendly video editor available for Linux.

It’s also pretty awesome in the Ubuntu-support department too, being available for Ubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04.

To install in any of the above versions just add ‘ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release’ to your software sources, update and then install Kdenlive from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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