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Ubuntu on a Dell XPS 13

A Forbes Writer Spent 2 Weeks Using Ubuntu, This is What He Thought…

It’s a tale as old as time: laptop user gets frustrated by Windows, tries Ubuntu, falls in love, and computes happily ever after… A classic love story — one Hollywood has yet to use as […]

20 July 2018

BBC to Le Monde: Ubuntu Phone Press Round-Up

The BBC was among several well-known press outlets to cover the Ubuntu Phone showing during Mobile World Congress 2015.

6 March 2015
spiegel with ubuntu phone

Popular German Website ‘Spiegel Online’ Reviews Ubuntu Phone

The popular German news website Spiegel Online has published a hands-on review of the Bq Ubuntu Phone, which is due to ship to successful Flash Sale buyers later this month.

3 March 2015

Ubuntu Shows Up in TV News Report on Robotics

If you’re a Brit of a certain age then you’ll associate ‘Newsround‘ with a warm, post-teatime feeling of childish abandon. Take a moment to wipe an imaginary spaghetti hoop off of your chin before you move […]

13 March 2014

Wi-fi Gesture Controller ‘WiSee’ Built on Ubuntu, Pimped on the BBC

WiSee, a new technology able to read gestures using WiFi signals, is gracing the pages of tech sites the world over today. But that's not why we're interested...

5 June 2013
mark shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth ‘Most Disruptive Name in Computing’ Says Forbes

Mark Shuttleworth has been named as one American magazine Forbes' '12 Most Disruptive Names in business'

27 March 2013

Wil Wheaton: ‘Yo Hollywood, Let Me Download Ubuntu’

Having boldly gone where no-one had gone before, it was no surprise to learn that actor Wil Wheaton is concerned about the erosion of 'Net Neutrality' - the principle that all web traffic, users and access should be treated the same. Illustrating this point in a post on his blog this weekend, the famed Star Trek actor rallied against the perception pushed by the Entertainment industries that 'torrent traffic = piracy'.

15 May 2012

Ubuntu Featured on BBC News Website

It's always a peculiar feeling to wake up and see Ubuntu splashed over the front page of a leading mainstream news site. But that was what greeted me this morning as Ubuntu grabbed some prime-time eyeballs via the BBC News website.

4 May 2012
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German Magazine Wraps Up Ubuntu Switch Guides

As we mentioned last week, German magazine 'Der Spiegel' has been running a series of 'Getting started with Linux' articles on their website. Following on from the first article, which talked about the security benefits of Linux over Windows, come the final two parts.

14 February 2012
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‘Der Spiegel’ Helping German Readers ‘Switch to Linux’

Readers of the online edition of German magazine Der Spiegel are being treated to a new series on 'Switching to Linux'.

6 February 2012
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Driving across Brazil with Ubuntu: That’ll be The Google Streetview cars

Driving across Brazil with Ubuntu hooked up to a solid 3G connection may sound like my own take on an ace road trip but, according to one former Google Streetview driver it's exactly how the Google Streetview cars travel around Brazil.

1 March 2011