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[How To] Install Ubuntu Touch Preview on Nexus Devices

With the Ubuntu Touch Preview images now available I predict that, round about now, your temptation is buckling under the temptation to try it out. Well here's how!

21 February 2013

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Released, Available for Nexus Devices

Though not a complete, finished version of Ubuntu's new 'convergent' interface, the preview offers developers and enthusiasts alike the chance to go hands-on with the most talked about interface change in Ubuntu's history.

21 February 2013

What To Expect from the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview

Later today a developer preview of Ubuntu Touch will be made available to download and install on a handful of Nexus devices.

21 February 2013

Ubuntu Gearing up For Tablet Announcement Tomorrow

The Ubuntu website is once again displaying a countdown - similar to the one shown ahead of January's Ubuntu Phone announcement. Next to the clock sits a not-so-subtle clue about the purpose of the countdown that reads: 'Tick, tock, tablet time!'

18 February 2013

KDE Dev Says Ubuntu Phone Fans Being ‘Duped’

In a rant on Google+, KDE Plasma Active developer Aaron Seigo takes Canonical to task over a statement made in a recent press release for the Ubuntu Phone.

16 February 2013

Ubuntu Phone Downloads To Be Released Next Week

Installable Ubuntu Phone images for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 handsets will be available to download from next week, Canonical have announced.

15 February 2013

Ubuntu Phone App Design Guidelines Go Live

Ubuntu has published a set of design guidelines for developers looking to create apps for the Ubuntu Phone.

13 February 2013

[How To] Theme Android To Look Like the Ubuntu Phone

Who ever decreed that 'patience is a virtue' clearly underestimated the power of 'want' when faced with an Ubuntu Phone.

11 February 2013

First Ubuntu Phones ‘Available October’, Says Shuttleworth

Reporting on a meeting Shuttleworth attended in New York earlier this week, Michael Hickins of the Wall Street Journal writes that the Ubuntu founder announced plans for the Phone to ship in 'two large geographic markets' come October of this year.

6 February 2013

Is Canonical Working on New, Custom Display Server for Unity?

There is a 'reasonable likelihood' that Canonical will create their own display server for use across its desktop, mobile, tablet and TV interfaces, Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon has said.

3 February 2013

New Options Added to ‘Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper’ for Android

Minor customisation options have been added to Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper - an Android app that apes the look of the Ubuntu mobile lock screen.

27 January 2013

12 Default Ubuntu Phone Apps to be ‘Community Created’

Canonical are to seek community involvement in the design and development of 12 core apps for the Ubuntu Phone. This initiative, they say, will give the wider community 'a fantastic opportunity to create software that could run on millions of handsets.'

23 January 2013