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Ubuntu Phone Is Now Available To Buy In India

Online retail giant Snapdeal the first major international retailer to stock the Ubuntu Phone, and offers the two Bq devices to India's enthusiastic tech crowd.

7 September 2015

Ubuntu Adoption Grew 160% in India Last Year

Adoption of Ubuntu grew by a staggering 160% in India over the last year, according to Canonical CEO Jane Silber. The statistic, Silber says, is based on data Canonical are privy to, such as security updates, downloads and the number of pre-loaded devices sold.

28 June 2012
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Puducherry Linux Group Bring Ubuntu to Internet Center

When I say that readers of this site are awesome I really do mean it. Prasanna Venkadesh, and the PuduvaiLUG (Puducherry Linux Users Group), are shining examples.

21 June 2012

Ubuntu Dell Laptops Go on Sale in India

Dell computers pre-loaded with Ubuntu are being rolled out across 850 retail stores in India. The move is the latest in a string of retail manoeuvres by Canonical and Dell, having arrived in 220 store across China late last year.

18 June 2012
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Ubuntu 11.04 Gets Positive Review On Indian News Station CNN-IBN

Ubuntu bagged itself some mainstream media exposure this weekend when it was reviewed on Indian news channel 'CNN-IBN'. Review (in english) can be found by clicking on in...

26 September 2011
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Samsung Remove Ubuntu Logo From Galaxy Ad [Updated with video]

Seeing the Ubuntu logo sailing alongside hundreds of Android App icons in a TV spot for Samsung's Galaxy S II was a strange, but not unwarranted, sight to begin with. But Uncle Sammy appear to have had a change of heart; a 'new' version of the same advert is running in India with one small difference: no more Ubuntu logo.

8 August 2011
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Canonical to spend on advertising, Ubuntu One SDK coming, more from #udd

This weeks Ubuntu Developer Day held in Bangalore, India, was home to a few juicy news highlights...

27 January 2011
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Which of these is not a web browser?

Most readers landing upon this page wouldn't require a seconds hesitation in answering the question posed above. But for a contestant on India's version of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' it required an entire audience vote to pick an answer.

22 October 2010
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Ubuntu around the world: KanchiLUG

For the Ubuntu Manual Project, we are aiming to have our final product available in over fifty languages. This means that we have to have a lot of translators and translating teams. Luckily, the good […]

25 March 2010