Adoption of Ubuntu grew by a staggering 160% in India over the last year, according to Canonical CEO Jane Silber. 

The statistic, Silber says, is based on data Canonical are privy to, such as security updates, downloads and the number of pre-loaded devices sold.

‘Tremendous Opportunity in India’

“We see significant growth in Ubuntu adoption in India. Over the last year we saw 160 per cent growth. So, we believe that there is real potential and demand here,”  Silber told

“When you look at these numbers what you can get is trend and relative growth. And this figure has been derived with this method.”

Silber cites the ‘tremendous opportunity and growth‘ for Ubuntu in India as reason behind it being chosen to benefit from Canonical’s retail tie-up with Dell.

This move, which will see Ubuntu sold pre-loaded on laptops throughout Dell’s 850 India stores, means that this number is only going to grow upwards in the next year.

Efytimes, via @anantzoid

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