Long for a pop-up Terminal to appear at the push of a button? Well, you got it with VTerminal.

VTerminal in Ubuntu

VTerminal describes itself as “a dock and DE independent terminal applet for the masses” designed to be a “..mix between the awn-terminal applet and guake“. You press a button and the Terminal appears. Click elsewhere and it auto-hides.

How to use VTerminal

To launch VTerminal simply create a keyboard shortcut (via your preferred method) or create a launcher-icon to launch it like a regular program.

As VTerminal ‘hides’ itself in the background when it loses focus (i.e. you click on another app) you can instantly resume from right where you left off with push of a button.

VTermianl can be tweaked further; right clicking on the open terminal offers a settings menu to configure various keyboard shortcuts, increasing/decreasing the transparency or toggling the auto-hide feature.


Requiring no dock bloat or performance hit to run VTerminal is an ideal app for users of lightweight desktop environments.

Find a pre-packaged 32bit .deb for Ubuntu (along with source tarball)  @ sourceforge.net/projects/vterminal/files

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