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Task Management App ‘Nitro’ Debuts on Ubuntu

New 'task list' apps aren't high on the 'to-do' list of many developers these days; Linux has more than its fair share of them. But the developers of Gradiator are hoping that there is still a little bit of room left to be squeezed out of this crowded market place for their recently launched tasks app 'Nitro'.

7 April 2012

Acclaimed ‘To Do’ App Wunderlist Comes To Linux

Cross-platform 'Getting Things Done' app 'Wunderlist' is now available for the Linux desktop. The application provides a minimal yet attractive 'frame' for organising your 'to dos' and organising them accordingly.

20 September 2011
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Rainlendar puts calendar sexy on your desktop

Rainlendar is a self-described ‘feature rich’ calendar for your desktop that allows for extensive customization, tweaking and personalization. Events can be set with an alarm for notification and the to-do list makes a handy extra. Rainlendar is […]

23 August 2010
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Xpad – simple Sticky notes for your desktop

For efficient task management Ubuntu users are spoilt. Tomboy, GTG!, Tasque, Tasks and a slew of others besides; they’re all packed with awesome features that help you get what needs to be done, done! Now supposedly […]

6 August 2010
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PyTask task manager is simple, striaghtforward

PyTask is a self-described ‘simple task list manager’ that orientates itself around providing ‘extra features designed for devlopers, programmers & teams’. On first glance it could be easy to mistake PyTask as ‘basic’. It may lack all of the various […]

25 June 2010
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Pimlico Suite Brings PIM Simplicity To The Desktop

Pimlico is a self-described suite of “Personal Information Management (PIM) Applications.” Although intended for use on handheld and mobile devices, the suite is built using the GTK toolkit and Evolution Database Server – making it […]

28 December 2009
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To-Do Applications Reviewed [Updated With Another App!]

To-Do applications may seem over-kill to some (“what’s wrong with pen and paper?”) but I, personally, find they really help my workflow. Linux has a fair old selection of task applications, but are they any […]

25 December 2009