Furthering its unstated, but much evident ambitions to replicate absolutely everything in existence inside itself, the latest version of the Vivaldi web browser comes with a new productivity feature.

Vivaldi already offers a lot of bang for its zero-pence buck, with integrated notes taking, mail, calendar, and RSS reader, alarm, translation service, arcade, and Razer Chroma light integration, to name but a few.

Now, in Vivaldi 5.5, the bods behind the web window check-off the core pillar of any organisational effort: tasks.

In case you need it
How to Change Vivaldi’s UI Size

Accessed from the sidebar, Vivaldi’s Tasks panel lets you you create and manage a basic To-Do list, right where you are.

Tasks can be as concise or as complicated as you like, as the only required field is a title. But you can also add due dates, recurring events, location, descriptions, URLs, and schedule reminders.

If you also make use of Vivaldi’s calendar feature you can see tasks with due dates in the in-app calendar (in addition to the tasks panel). Tasks without due dates are listed in the ‘agenda’ view, instead.

Once you’re done with a task, check it off and it’ll disappear from view (there’s an option to see completed tasks, so they’re not gone gone).

You won’t see the Tasks icon in the sidebar by default (I spend about 15 minutes squinting at my screen looking for it). You need to have the “fully loaded” UI enabled (the Mail and Calendar feature enabled in settings, basically).

And then it’ll appear.

Other changes in Vivaldi 5.5 include support for Windows 11’s snapping feature, and faster address field logic so that the browser can keep pace with frenetic typists. Vivaldi’s built-in mail, calendar, and RSS reader snag simpler onboarding (i.e. easier setup), and other misc improvements.

Download Vivaldi

Vivaldi is free, but not open source software based on the Chromium project. You can download Vivaldi for Windows, macOS, and Linux (including 64-bit ARM Linux distros) from the official Vivaldi website.

If you already have Vivaldi installed on Ubuntu you can install Vivaldi 5.5 as a standard software update via apt, the Software Updater tool, or some other method. It should be available by the time you read this.

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