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New Video Hypes Up the Ultimate Linux Tablet: the JingPad A1

The folks behind the JingOS Linux distro plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign for an ARM-powered tablet preloaded with their Ubuntu-based OS in the summer. Ahead of that campaign launch, JingOS devs have shared a […]

21 April 2021
JingOS Linux iPad

JingOS, the Linux Tablet Distro, Adds OTA Updates, New App Store + More

A new version of JingOS, the tablet-friendly Linux distro, is available to download — and it’s jam packed with improvements. For those new to it, JingOS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution targeted at tablet devices. […]

31 March 2021
pinetab linux tablet

Preorder the PineTab, a $99 Linux Tablet [Update: Sold Out]

The $99 PineTab Linux tablet is now available to buy from the Pine64 website. The 10.1-inch tablet runs Ubuntu Touch on a 64-bit ARM processor.

10 June 2020
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ZaReason Android 4.0 Tablet ‘ZaTab’ Shipping Soon

They're best known for making Ubuntu laptops and PCs but ZaReason are about to dip their toes into fresh waters with the launch of a tablet. But, unlike the rest of their hardware line up, the 'ZaTab' doesn't come with Ubuntu but the tried-and-tested tablet Android 4.0 operating system.

18 May 2012
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Pre-Order Registration Opens for KDE Tablet

Pre-order registration for forthcoming KDE tablet 'Spark' is now open. The Spark team hope to use the registration period as a means of gauging demand for the fledgling tablet. Those who register now will be given a 'priority order code' when pre-ordering begins that will 'jump your order to the front of the line'.

16 February 2012
Ekoore Python S Tablet

Ekoore Python S Tablet Triple Boots Ubuntu, Android & Windows 7

A new Ubuntu tablet is on the market - but it comes with company. The Ekoore Python S tablet ships with three operating systems installed.

1 February 2012
Spark KDE Plasma Active Tablet

€200 KDE Plasma Active Tablet Announced

Does a $200 tablet running KDE Plasma Active sound good to you? Say hello to Spark.

29 January 2012

KDE Plasma Active Two Sees Release

A new release of Plasma Active - the touch-orientated interface for KDE - has been released. Plasma Active Two comes with many new features enhancements over those found in last october's 'Plasma Active One' release.

14 December 2011
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Touch-friendly browsers in Ubuntu: Opera Mobile 11; add-ons for Firefox, Chrome

Using Ubuntu on a tablet or netvertible isn't the nicest of fits and that's understandable: Ubuntu is not a tablet OS after all. There are, however, plenty of things one can do to make the experience of using Ubuntu on a tablet/touchscreen that little bit more more enjoyable. Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing a selection of tips, apps and ideas for doing just this. But first you'll need something to read the posts in...

21 April 2011

Dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet ‘Kno’ to ship this month

Dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet ‘Kno‘ has brought its launch date forward to December this year, according to the PCWorld. Not in the know on the Kno? read on in to find out more.

19 December 2010
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Ubuntu running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Splashed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab but miss the familiar trappings (or should that be tappings :P ) of Ubuntu? Rejoice! Two users over on the XDA forums – which is a breeding ground for […]

19 November 2010