A new release of Plasma Active – the touch-orientated interface for KDE – has been released.

Plasma Active Two comes with many new features enhancements over those found in last october’s ‘Plasma Active One’ release.

  • Performance boost – optimised code, faster startup, lower memory consumption, etc
  • Improved usability – enhanced touch functionality, better consistency, and more freedom to adapt to personal preferences
  • Recommendations – an ‘innovative technology [that] learns usage patterns continuously and makes pertinent recommendations’

Plasma Active in Ubuntu

Currently Plasma Active Two can be test-run using pre-prepared images built upon MeeGo/OpenSUSE. These are available for a range of ARM and Intel x86 based tablets/touch-screen hardware.

Brave Ubuntu 11.10 users with a tablet or touchscreen netbook to spare may wish to try installing the interface from the unstable Plasma Active PPA. Adding this PPA is not advised for curious users, however.

For Ubuntu 12.04 a dedicated ‘Kubuntu Active’ spin has been proposed.

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