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GitHub’s New CEO Did a Reddit AMA, This is What He Said

It’s been a crazy week. News that Microsoft is buying GitHub shocked and stunned the developer community, with reverberations of the deal being mostly keenly felt by those involved with open source projects. Folks are (rather understandably) scared […]

9 June 2018
hedaset youtube music player

Headset Turns YouTube Into a Desktop Music Player

Headset is a free desktop app that lets you use YouTube as a music source, letting you stream YouTube audio on your desktop.

15 May 2017
reddit apps for linux

A Wild Desktop Reddit App for Linux Appears

Reddit is …Well it’s Reddit: there’s little else like it on the internet. Thos of us who use Reddit probably do so a tab, in a browser, because that’s how the site works best. Many desktop Reddit apps exist, […]

25 October 2016
reddit apps for linux

Get Reddit Inbox Alerts on the Ubuntu Desktop

This nifty Reddit indicator applet for the Ubuntu desktop alerts you to new inbox notifications as and when you receive them.

12 June 2016
reddit apps for linux

Quick Reddit — Monitor Your Fave Subreddit from the Ubuntu Desktop

Quick Reddit is a free, open-source indicator applet for the Ubuntu desktop that can fetch and display a list of posts from a specified Subreddit.

10 June 2016

Reddit Admin Flags Potential Unity Scope Privacy Issue

An alleged privacy leak with the Unity Reddit Scope in Ubuntu has been uncovered.

27 April 2014
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Desktop Reddit App ‘Reditr’ Available for Ubuntu

Desktop Reddit app 'Reditr' has been packaged up for Ubuntu and made available for download. The application, a sort of 'TweetDeck for Reddit', allows Reddit fans to browse posts from the site from a manageable, column-style layout.

2 December 2012
Valve Linux Beta

Reddit Users Bypass Steam Linux Beta Invitations

OMG! Ubuntu! have learned from a reader that Reddit users on /r/linux_gaming have already figured out a way to bypass Valve's Beta Invitation - which allow users to start exploring Steam on Linux much earlier than the folks at Valve had likely planned for.

6 November 2012

Desktop Reddit App ‘Reditr’ Sees Alpha Release

Remember that neat new Reddit app - 'Reditr' - we mentioned back in July? Well today the folks behind Reditr have launched an alpha version that you can download and try.

8 October 2012

Slick New Desktop Reddit App Heading to Linux

A new desktop application for browsing, commenting, and reading social news site Reddit is in development - and it's coming to Ubuntu. Reditr, which will be see its first alpha release at some point in the coming weeks, takes a 'Tweetdeck' style approach in presenting content from the site. Jump on in to see screenshots, video of the app in action, and further information.

31 July 2012