Remember that neat new Reddit app – ‘Reditr’ – we mentioned back in July? Well today the folks behind Reditr have launched an alpha version that you can download and try.

Reditr undoubtedly has the feel of Tweetdeck – one time the go-to Twitter client for most – which makes navigating subreddits and sharing content an easy experience.

Features offered include:

  • New Item Submission
  • Commenting
  • Up and down voting
  • In-app image previews
  • In-app link previews
  • Light and dark themes
  • Account settings

Download Reditr for Ubuntu

One thing to note about Reditr is that it is not a typical Ubuntu application since it uses a shell script to build a private Chrome Extension which actually wraps a web-based application.

To try it out download the install script here. Once downloaded, right-click on the script, choose Properties and check the box next to “allow executing file as a program“.

Then from a new Terminal simply cd to the path you downloaded it to and run ./ from terminal.

Will you find the Reditr App useful or will you access Reddit through the website or some other means? 


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