A new desktop application for browsing, commenting, and reading social news site Reddit is in development – and it’s coming to Ubuntu.

Reditr, which will be see its first alpha release at some point in the coming weeks, takes a ‘Tweetdeck’ style approach in presenting content from the site.

Sub-reddits can be viewed/subscribed to as auto-updating ‘columns’.

Reditr on Ubuntu

Amongst the features so far promised:

  • New Post creation
  • Comment posting
  • Up and down voting
  • In-app image previews
  • In-app link previews
  • Light and dark themes

How does it look in action?

Reditr’s developers – Dimitry Vinogradov and David Zorychta – tell me that there are still ‘many features to be added’ – so if you don’t see something essential to your behaviour don’t assume it missing quite yet.

In the spirit of keeping things fair, Reditr will be available across all major platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome.

For more information visit the official site (link below) or follow the app on Twitter, Facebook or Reddit.

Reditr Website

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