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falcon web browser running on ubuntu 17.04 as a Snap app

First Release of the New Falkon Web Browser

The first release of Falkon, the KDE web browser formerly known as QupZilla, is available to download. Falkon 3.0.0 is the first formal release of the rebadged Qt-based web navigator, and follows a name change in summer of […]

27 February 2018
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Linux Release Roundup: VLC, Mesa, Audacity + More

Another week has flown by, making it time for another round-up of pertinent Linux app releases that didn’t manage to wangle a full post’s worth of waffle on this site. This week’s crop of curios […]

10 December 2017
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QupZilla Web Browser Has Revealed Its New Name

The the new name of the Qt-based Qupzilla browser has been announced, and bucking all expectation it hasn't opted for a name beginning with 'K'…

27 August 2017
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QupZilla Web Browser Is Changing Its Name

The QupZilla web browser is hunting for a new name. Development is to move under the KDE project umbrella and it may replace Konquerer.

14 August 2017
qupzilla browser

QupZilla, the Qt Web Browser, Finally Adds a Session Manager

Qupzilla, the Qt-based cross-platform web browser, now has a session manager. A bug requesting this feature was first opened in 2013.

21 July 2017
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Linux App Updates Round Up: Skype, Stacer, QupZilla & Wine

Busy weekend? Us too, but you can get up to speed with what's happened in our roundup of recent Linux app updates, including Skype and WINE.

5 February 2017

Lightworks Video Editor Adds 4K Exports (And Other Recent Linux App Updates)

Another week and another roundup of recent Linux apps updates, all neatly grouped together for your perusal.  From a small bump to a lesser-known web-browser to super high-definition support in a leading Linux video editor; let’s […]

13 October 2015

Qupzilla Web Browser Is Searching for a New Logo

QupZilla, the lightweight Qt web-browser, is on the hunt for a brand new app logo. Several designs have been proposed.

23 August 2015
qupzilla speed=-dial background

Qt Web Browser ‘QupZilla’ Refines Features in Latest Release

QupZilla, the nimble Qt-based web-browser, has been updated with a bunch of minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.

27 January 2014
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Qt Web Browser Qupzilla Improves SpeedDial, Adds New Features in Latest Release

Pop-up windows, external download management and the ‘Paste & Go’ support are just some of the new features present in the latest release of Qt browser Qupzilla. Other notable new stuff added to the lightweight […]

15 February 2012
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Is Qupzilla The Best Browser You’ve Never Heard Of?

With the browser market dominated by Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer you could be forgiven for thinking that small browsers have little to offer. But Qupzilla, a multi-platform Qt-based web-browser, is worth taking for a spin. It boasts features comparable to Chrome and Firefox, yet uses less resources than either.

22 December 2011