QupZilla 2.3 session manager
QupZilla session manager

A session manager is finally coming to QupZilla, the Qt-based web-browser.

A long-held want by many — a bug requesting the feature was first opened in 2013 — the new Qupzilla session manager lets you create, delete, rename, and switch between multiple browser sessions.

Perfect for times when you want to save a set of open-tabs and windows, but don’t want to add clutter to your bookmarks.

Helpfully, QupZilla 2.3 will also make an automatic backup of your last browsing session so that you can quickly get back to where you were after an accidental quit.

Other Changes Coming in QupZilla 2.3

A session manager is not the only new feature set to ship with. QupZilla 2.3. The browser now integrates nicely when using PulseAudio playback streams; the TabManager and GreaseMonkey plugin has been improved; and issues with setting initial zoom on webpages resolved.

QupZilla 2.3 will be released in August, shortly after Qt 5.9.2 is released.

You can install the current stable release of QupZilla on Ubuntu 17.04 direct;y from Ubuntu Software. An older versions of the browser is also available on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Install QupZilla from Ubuntu Software

Users of Windows, macOS, BSD and other Linux distributions can find download info on the download page of the QupZilla website.

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