qupzilla web browser graphicQupZilla web browser is on the hunt for a new name as it moves under the KDE project umbrella.

A capable cross-platform browser packed with plenty of useful features, QupZilla is the go-to choice for anyone wanting a Qt web-browser for use on their Qt desktop.

The app is also ideal for those who want a nimble open-source web browser to use on Windows.

‘QupZilla may replace Konqueror as the default KDE browser’

But ‘QupZilla’ isn’t a terribly memorable or descriptive name. And with the browser now set to replace Konqueror as the default KDE browser, QupZilla wants to change its name.

A New Name for QupZilla

“I’ve been thinking about changing name for some time already, and now is a great opportunity to do so,” writes QupZilla developer David Rosca in a blog post.

“Choosing a good name is not easy and I already didn’t do a good job in the past, so I need your help! Name proposals can be entered on the [QupZilla] Incubator wiki page.”

QupZilla 2.2 is due for release this month and will continue to use the existing name. The subsequent version will, all going to plan, be the first one made under a new name.

Don’t Get Clever

A couple of current name proposals for the re-brand include ‘Cube‘, ‘Falkon‘ and ‘Ion‘.

My hope is that developers don’t go opt for something too clever or artsy, and instead try to convey a sense of energy with the chosen label. Microsoft Edge isn’t my browser of choice buts its name infers the bleeding edge, cutting edge, out on the edge, etc.

Internet Explorer and Safari were great labels given the early exploratory nature of the web. Journeying along that line of thought, and sticking with the ‘Q’ for ‘Qt’ and ‘QupZilla’, might something like ‘Quest’ suit?

That said, I am the guy who thought ‘OMG! Ubuntu!’ was a good name for a blog, so…

Share your own browser brand suggestions in the comments below.

P.S. If you haven’t tried QupZilla for a while, you should. You’ll find compatible QupZilla browser download instructions on the official website.

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