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Fix “Target Configured Multiple Times” Error on Ubuntu

Right now, when I run apt update on my Ubuntu laptop a stream of errors about W: target packages/repos/DEP-11 being ‘configured multiple times’ appear. These errors don’t prevent apt from working (so it’s not an […]

3 August 2023

3 Ways to Solve Pip Install Error on Ubuntu 23.04

If you make the upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 and try to run ‘pip install’ you’ll find it throws an error – but this is not a bug. The reason why the pip install command doesn’t […]

25 April 2023

Pext is an extendable Python-based tool that’s a little hard to explain…

I don’t like to write about things I am not confident or experienced in using. This is why don’t see listicles about Vim, op-ed’s about DevOps, and so on. But writing about a desktop application should be within my abilities¹ […]

30 March 2017
emoji keyboard

This Simple App Makes it Easy to Use Emoji on Linux

Emoji Keyboard is a Linux app that lets you quickly insert emoji into desktop apps and websites, without needing to resort to copy and paste.

30 March 2017

This Script Sets Wallpapers from Imgur As Your Desktop Background

Pyckground is a simple python script that can fetch a new desktop background on the Cinnamon desktop from any Imgur gallery you want. I came across it while doing a bit of background on the Bit Day wallpaper pack, and […]

4 December 2016

This App Sets the Bing Image of the Day as the Wallpaper on Linux

Bing — no booing, folks — isn’t the web’s best search engine, but there’s no denying that it has a striking visual presence. And this is largely down to its use of stunning high-resolution imagery as its background — […]

4 August 2016

November Ubuntu News Roundup

November has been a busy month with a new kernel release candidate, 16.04 LTS default package updates, and Ubuntu SDK updates.

25 November 2015
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Dedicated Python editor ‘Deditor’ adds plugins system

Deditor – the lightweight Python-specific text-editor for Ubuntu - has added some super new features in its latest release.

7 December 2010
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Deditor is a Dedicated python text editor for Ubuntu

Meet Deditor – a lightweight Python-specific text-editor for Ubuntu. Ubuntu’s default text-editor ‘Gedit’ is a capable choice for python programming whether new or adept but for those seeking something developed towards the needs of python-developers […]

7 November 2010