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Emoji Keyboard on Ubuntu

If you read around these parts with any frequency you’ll know that I love using emoji.

Often I need to quickly find and enter emoji in a desktop app a moments notice.

Be it a well timed cheeky grin or a totally inappropriate aubergine glyph, emoji rely on context, and in real-time conversations context changes fast.

I’m always keeping an eye out for nifty tools and extensions that let me easily insert emoji in desktop Linux apps

And I have a new favourite.

A Linux Emoji Keyboard

Emoji keyboard is an open-source Python app that fills my need for gaudy coloured glyph nicely.

The app offers a simple windowed “keyboard” that never takes focus from the app you’re entering emoji in, but floats on top. With the emoji keyboard window open, click in a text area or message field and then tap the emoji you want to enter.

As virtual keyboard-like emoji picker this app makes a nifty alternative to the Emoji One Picker indicator applet (or the GNOME Shell extension of similar purpose) which copies emoji to your clipboard to paste elsewhere.

Emoji Keyboard uses artwork and data from the EmojiOne project but the look of emoji in applications and on the web is reliant on your distribution’s native emoji support.

You can find more information on the app (plus an installer) over on the project Github page.

Emoji Keyboard on Github

Ja ja ja, I know some of you hate emoji but I have to ask: why are you reading an article about them?

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