Meet Deditor – a lightweight Python-specific text-editor for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu’s default text-editor ‘Gedit’ is a capable choice for python programming whether new or adept but for those seeking something developed towards the needs of python-developers Deditor is a sound alternative.


The app can do pretty much everything a normal text-editor like Gedit can – which is expected – but it also provides Python specific features that  text editors trying to be everything to everyone often lack.

You’ll find a python interpreter, code analyser (pylint) and code inspector tucked inside Deditor along with syntax-highlighting, folding, multiple-file support and text searching.

GUI-wise the app utilizes a sole window with a file path bar for accessing files: –

“There is one odd thing you will have to get used too and that’s the filepath bar, you always see a bar on top with the absolute path to the file you’re editing if you want to save a file you have to press ctrl+s and it will save to the path in that bar. If you want to save to an other location you just modify the path in the bar and save. There is no save-as button because of this behaviour.”

It also offers the ability of using ‘projects’. A project is a group of files which can be opened all at the same time and this help speed up development time.


The latest release of Deditor can be found @ and further information on the tool lays @

Thanks Kruptein

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