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librem one

Librem One Campaign Will De-Google Your Life for $7.99/m

Purism announce a suite of privacy focused mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, including a encrypted VPN and chat client, and a private e-mail service.

30 April 2019

GNOME 3.32 Gives Users More Say Over What Apps Can Access

Users can look forward to greater control over installed applications in the upcoming release of GNOME 3.32. A new ‘Applications‘ panel has been created by developers that offers users more control over the majority of […]

4 February 2019
average ubuntu install time

The Average Ubuntu Install Takes 18 Minutes (And Other Stats)

Did you know that the average Ubuntu install takes just 18 minutes? That’s one of several nuggets of information Canonical has collected (and now revealed) thanks to the new “Ubuntu Report” tool included in Ubuntu […]

23 June 2018
privacy in Ubuntu

What Data Does Ubuntu Collect About Your PC?

Ubuntu includes a new data collection tool in its latest release — but exactly what kind of data does it collect? Well, thanks to the doors-wide-open nature of open-source software it’s easy to find out. It […]

5 May 2018
privacy in ubuntu

Ubuntu will let upgraders ‘opt-in’ to data collection in 18.04

Canonical, as I’ve no doubt you’re now fully aware of, plan to collect system data in new installs of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on an opt-out basis. The data they want to collect — forgive the feverish proclamations of […]

23 February 2018
privacy in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Wants to Collect Data About Your System

Ubuntu wants to collect data on users' systems to 'help improve Ubuntu'. The diagnostic data collection will be opt-out, and enabled by default for all new installs of Ubuntu 18.04.

14 February 2018
purism librem 5 linux smartphone

Purism is Crowdfunding an Encrypted Linux Phone

Crowdfunding for a Linux phone that respects your privacy and keep your data secure is underway by Linux laptop maker Purism.

24 August 2017
unity shopping lens

Ubuntu ‘Spyware’ Will Be Disabled In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Unity's controversial online search feature is being disabled by default in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, due for release in April.

8 January 2016

Reddit Admin Flags Potential Unity Scope Privacy Issue

An alleged privacy leak with the Unity Reddit Scope in Ubuntu has been uncovered.

27 April 2014

Ubuntu To Make Amazon Product Results ‘Opt-In’

Future versions of Ubuntu will not show users Amazon product results in the Unity Dash by default — a reversal of a core feature introduced to desktop users in 2012.

31 March 2014

Ubuntu’s Amazon Shopping Feature Wins Anti-Privacy Award

Ubuntu is no stranger to awards and accolades, but the latest trophy to be presented to the project is one that's unlikely to go on display.

28 October 2013

Ubuntu to Add ‘Incognito’ Mode to Unity Dash & Legal Notice to Installer

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has revealed how the OS will address the on-going privacy concerns around it's online searching feature in Unity.

18 February 2013