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KDE Plasma 5.6 Released, This Is What’s New

Plasma 5.6, the latest feature-packed version of the KDE desktop user interface, has been released.

22 March 2016

Plasma 5.4 Is Out And It’s Packed Full Of Features

KDE has announced a brand new feature release of Plasma 5 and it's packed full of improvements.

25 August 2015

KDE Plasma 5.3 Released, Here’s How To Upgrade in Kubuntu 15.04

KDE Plasma 5.3 has been released. We show you how you can upgrade to Plasma 5.3 in Kubuntu 15.04 using the official backports PPA.

28 April 2015

KDE Plasma 5 Arrives with Fresh New Look, True Convergence

KDE has announced the first release of Plasma 5, a major reworking of the KDE desktop.

15 July 2014
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[How To] Increase Volume Past 100% in KDE

Veromix plasmoid for KDE offers many features, including per-app volume control, configurable equaliser and global hotkeys, but it also allows you to increase system volume past the default 100% point, thus making it handy when encountering a barely audible movie or audio file. Reader Ovidiu-Florin sent in a step-by-step guide for us to share with you on installing and configuring Veromix for this purpos

8 February 2012
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[How to] Run KDE Plasma Widgets in Ubuntu Unity

Bring the rich world of Plasma widgets into Ubuntu 11.04.

4 May 2011