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openshot 2.0 on ubuntu

OpenShot 2.1 Released With Animation Support, Improved Timeline

A new version of open-source video editor OpenShot 2.1 has been released. We show you what's new and how you can install it on Ubuntu using a PPA.

30 August 2016
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OpenShot 2.0 Beta 4 Is Now Available to Download

"Lots of great progress has been made since the previous beta," says OpenShot's lead developer. But is the progress noticeable?

29 March 2016
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OpenShot 2.0 Beta Is Now Available for Public Testing

The first public beta of OpenShot to be made in over three years is now available for testing.

10 February 2016
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3 Years In The Making: OpenShot 2.0 Finally Hits Beta

A new beta of the popular open source video editor OpenShot is available for testing.

11 January 2016
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Linux Video Editor ‘Openshot’ Updates With More Blender Effects

OpenShot video editor has premiered its 1.4.3 release - which debuts a number of new features.

1 October 2012
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New Stable Release of OpenShot Video Editor Ready

New features and effects have landed in the latest release of open-source linux video editor OpenShot. Read in for more details, screenshots, short video of the new 3D wireframe text effect and the all important download instructions.

30 January 2012
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OpenShot 1.4 Released With New Effects & Improved Features

A new version of popular Linux video editor OpenShot - featuring numerous interface and performance improvements and new effects - has been made available for download.

23 September 2011
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Linux Video Editor Openshot Prepares New Release

It's almost here, folk: the first major update to video editor OpenShot in what seems like an eternity. (Well, since February to be exact.) What will be shipping in it? We take a look...

16 September 2011

This Neat Timelapse Video Was Made Using Open-Source Apps

Dudu M. mailed in to share a time-lapse video he created on Ubuntu using nothing but free open-source tools and a camera.

13 July 2011
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OpenShot 1.3.0 released; cements place as the best video editor for Linux

The latest version of Linux video editor ‘OpenShot‘ has been released with a raft of new features and fixes.

14 February 2011
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OpenShot 1.3.0 gets fancy upgrades

OpenShot developers have been hard at work since November cooking up improvements & upgrades for this already awesome video editor.

21 January 2011
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OpenShot to get new theme, YouTube & Vimeo uploading

OpenShot. Icons. Theme. YouTube. Vimeo. Join the dots or click in for more.

26 November 2010