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A new version of the OpenShot video editor is available to download.

OpenShot 2.4.1 follows a stability-focused release of the non-linear editor made back in September.

Among the big changes OpenShot 2.4.1 features is improved image quality. You should now see sharper images in the preview window when editing thanks to an “improved image processing pipeline”.

There’s also improved playback smoothness when working with high frame-rate videos at 50fps, 60fps, and 120fps.

And, of course there is the usual boat about “improved stability”. On this OpenShot’s head honcho says:

Each time we can reproduce a crash, we fix it, and the net result is statistically less crashes with each new version of OpenShot. We have reduced the # of crashes by a factor of 10 in the past 12 months, and will continue to work hard in this area.

Install OpenShot 2.4.1 on Ubuntu

To install the latest version of OpenShot on Ubuntu you’ll need to add the official OpenShot PPA. This archive provides builds of the latest release for users of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and later.

Note: the PPA has not been updated with the latest stable release at the time of writing. It should arrive shortly. If you’re impatient you can try the AppImage (see below).

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openshot.developers/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openshot-qt

Once the installation/upgrade is complete you can go ahead and launch the app from whatever sort of app menu your desktop environment uses.

You can also download OpenShot 2.4.1 as an AppImage.

AppImages should run on pretty much any modern Linux distribution. Once the download completes (it’s a large file because it has all of its dependencies bundled up inside) you will need to give the AppImage permission to run.

Download OpenShot 2.4.1 (64-bit AppImage)

For Windows, macOS or packages for other Linux distribution you can nip on over to the OpenShot downloads page for relevant details

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