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OpenShot 1.1 Released – Gets Undo/Redo, New effects, Will be in Ubuntu 10.04!

OpenShot – OMG! Ubuntu!’s favourite video editor for Linux – released a new version today. Version 1.1 brings with it a buffet of new features, speed improvements and general all round greatness that we’ve come […]

8 March 2010
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Elementary OpenShot Icon Theme

OpenShot is an awesome video editor that we love around here. Elementary is an awesome theme that we love around here. Get the idea? OpenShot is fully themeable (which a lot of people don’t seem […]

11 February 2010
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OpenShot 1.0 Stable Released; Best Linux Video Editor

Video Editor OpenShot announced the release of it’s seminal version 1.0 earlier today packing in so many new features, improvements and bug fixes I’m not sure I’ll be able to mention them all! The full […]

9 January 2010
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12 Days of Xmas: Day Eight

Let me dig out my ‘We love OpenShot’ banner before I start… There we are. Nicely set up. Ahem. Can you guess what app make Day Eight of our top 12 apps of 2009? I […]

24 December 2009
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OpenShot Users Website Launched

An online site for users of Linux Video editor OpenShot has been launched. titles itself as a “community …to offer help and tips to other users, share themes, showcase your videos or just say […]

24 November 2009
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Latest OpenShot Release Gains Super Timeline Enhancements

Not a day goes by without my love of OpenShot growing just that little bit deeper – and today is no exception as the latest version, deep breath, 0.9.54 was released today giving OpenShot yet […]

24 November 2009
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A Quick Chat With OpenShot Creator Jonathan Thomas

I took a few minutes to chat with Jonathan Thomas, creator and all round nice guy from OpenShot (better known as “iMovie for Linux” around these parts!), to find out what the application is up […]

22 November 2009
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PiTiVi On Course To Become A Default Application In Lucid

UDS Wednesday kicked off with a super interesting session; a meeting entitled “Application selection in the default install“.  Over three posts I’ll present the main ideas and discussions from these meetings: Whittling the default game […]

18 November 2009
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Experimental OpenShot PPA Launched, No Longer Removes Video Playback

OpenShot – a much loved Video Editor here on OMG!UBUNTU! – today launched a new experimental PPA for people wanting to sit on the bleeding edge of it’s development. FFMpeg Off! The current PPA proved […]

6 November 2009
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OpenShot Video Editor Gets New Icons & Preference Window

The best video editor for Linux ‘OpenShot’ has finally gotten itself some new icons! Yes it is a slow news day… These new ‘tango’ style icons bring a much needed visual refresh to the (at […]

20 October 2009
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Openshot Video Editor Gets HUGE Update – 30 New Effects, Preview Window, Green Screen, PPA…

OpenShot – one of the best video editor available for Linux – finally has a PPA! That’s news enough in-itself as it means pain free installation but the even better news is it now comes […]

30 September 2009