It gives us great pleasure to announce that Ubuntu Gamer, a new gaming website we’ve been working on, is live and ready for action!

Focusing primarily on gaming on Ubuntu we will be presenting you with lots of fantastic content over the coming months. Far more than ‘just’ another game review site you will also find: –

  • The latest gaming news, videos and screenshots
  • Hardware reviews specific to Ubuntu
  • Editorials and interviews with leading games developers on the issues, successes and viability of gaming on the Linux platform
  • Downloads of free games
  • Special offers and competitions for discounts on commercial games

We’ve worked hard on the site over the past few weeks, and of course it will constantly be undergoing improvement as we figure out what sort of style we would like to go for.

The writing team is made up of familiar faces from OMG! Ubuntu! such as myself, Joey, Tyler and Nixie, but I’d also like to introduce a couple of new writers to the foray:

Ed Hewitt

Ed is a 19 year old UK student studying computer networking. A self proclaimed gaming geek and Ubuntu lover, he’s fully in the know and up to date with the state of gaming on Ubuntu. For those of you who read Full Circle Magazine, you might recognize Ed as the writer for the gaming column.

Tommy Brunn

Tommy is a Swedish student studying IT, but also an independent game developer. In combination with his partner in crime, Bart van Strien, they will be responsible for a lot of the games that come out of the Ohso software factory. Tommy brings an excellent insight into the back-end of software development on Ubuntu, and his articles will provide an interesting look “behind the scenes” of making games on Ubuntu.

Don’t forget, you can follow Ubuntu Gamer on Twitter, like it on Facebook and subscribe to the RSS. We hope you enjoy the site!

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