Good news, everyone! As part of our increasingly important goal of including our readers in more and more of what we do, we’ve now set up a Get Satisfaction page for you to share your ideas, ask questions and report issues with OMG! Ubuntu! and other Ohso products.

For those who aren’t familiar, Get Satisfaction is a cool service that lets companies and organizations track feedback from their customers. Everything from new ideas, issues with products and questions can be posted on a company page with the idea being an official representative will get back to you.

Users can also vote ideas up or down too, which is pretty neat.

We thought this sounded cool – and hey, we love you guys so it makes sense for us to get a bit more bonding going on between us and you. Let’s take our relationship to a whole new level.

(We’d move in with you, but we don’t like cats).

What’s that annoying thing on the right?

If you look to your right, you’ll see a floating tab sticking out. This is the Feedback Tab which we are trialling on OMG! Ubuntu! for a bit.

Basically, you can click on that, and a window will pop up that lets you share your feedback whenever you have one of those “aha!” moments.

Unfortunately it only looks like that when you’re logged into Get Satisfaction, so for most of you (who probably don’t have accounts) it won’t be as cool until you sign up.

So head on over to or click on the Feedback tab and share that awesome-wicked-cool idea you’ve had for so long and have just been bursting to let us know.

And finally, you’ll be satisfied!